Monday December 04 , 2023
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Welcome to my site!

Hey, my name is Cassidy, I'm 14 years old, and i race motocross! When i turn 16 I'm planning on going pro in WMX and race with a few of my heros. Currently I am training hard to go to Ponca City, Oklahoma and race the amatuer national there as i did last year when i finished 4th after crahing into a fence :P, I also race the local series here in Colorado, the SRAC, and am currently running 1st in the girls class for that organization. Last year i went to the Loretta Lynns Amatuer National in Tennessee and, unfortunately, had some problems and finished 40th out of 42, but did not to come home empty handed, as i was my lap times to some of the top girls i discovered I had a 5th place lap time. My dad and I were planning to go to Lorettas again this year but we ran into some finacial problems so i couldnt go to Freestone to qualify. But no matter where i finish i have to thank everyone thats helped me get to the position I am at today, so a big thanks to Aztec Family Raceway, Apex Sports, Dirty Habits Motorsports, Six S Racing, Harris Used Parts, my Dad, and God for keeping me safe throughout my racing journey. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and i hope you enjoy the rest of my site!

~Cassidy Bickford~


My goals in life are. To continue to race motocross, move up to the Womens Pro Motocross class and someday race with the men. My ultimate goal is to be the fastest women motocrosser in the nation. I am trying to finish high school by 16 and continue my studies online. I am working towards being a photographer and study in that field.

When I am not riding, I like playing motocross video games,
going to the mall, hanging with my friends. I am into exerciser which helps
in racing. I like organic food which helps me stay in shape.

I got started riding when I was 4 years old. My dad first got me started on a
Yamaha 50cc PW50 which had training wheels, dad kept me on a rope so I would not get away from him.
At 7 years old I wanted to race so I asked my dad to enter me in racing. My Dad would take me
out to the motocross track almost every day after school. I raced Ponca city on 2006 and again in 2010 and recently
raced Loretta Lynns, which was an experience for me. I race local races at SRAC and a few at RMXA races..

I am a 13 year old girl. Just the normal stuff, motocross. I interests include drawing, photography and interior design. I was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado in Memorial hospital and have lived here all of my life I went Colorado Springs Christian School where I met most of my friends and at the motocross track. My favorite studies are English and Phys Ed. I like going to the mall, watching movies, bicycling. Most
of my time is spent in motocross.

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